November 06, 2018

Webinar: Health Plan Neuro Care Innovation Drives Savings in 6 Months

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Link to Complimentary World Health Care Congress Webinar: How a Health Plan Reduced Neuro-Related Medical Expenditures by 14% within 6 Months

compelling report to Congress1 has inspired a surge of studies examining the potential cost and human toll of traumatic brain injury (TBI)including the below 2018 JAMA TRACK-TBI Study.

Six neurological condition categories, including TBI, stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and cerebral palsy drive >$240 Billion in annual claims,2 and costs continue to soar. A recent Utilize Health analysis of health plan claims indicates costs for these conditions are growing annually at a rate that can exceed 25 percent;3 nearly double health plan estimates.

TBI Alone Drives $86 Billion2 in Annual Claims; but Many are Preventable. A Recent JAMA Study Explains Why.

While much documentation exists on the neurological costs of stroke (>$118 Billion annually in the U.S.);2 historically, there has been little focus on TBI despite its rising cost, incidence, and prevalence across population age bands and sites of care. On May 25, 2018, JAMA published results from the TRACK-TBI Study.4 Key findings include:

  • Significant gaps in care exist post hospital discharge, even for patients “with a positive finding on CT or who continue to experience post-concussive symptoms.”
  • A significant percentage of patients do not receive appropriate follow-up care:
    • Among such patients, only 44 percent reported seeing a physician/practitioner within 3 months post injury.
    • Among patients with 3 or more moderate to severe post-concussive symptoms, only 52% reported seeing a practitioner within 3 months post injury.

These staggering statistics support the findings of the TBI Report to Congress; specifically that no adequate post-acute standard of care exists for such injuries and the resulting neurological conditions. 

Encouraging innovative solutions for this growing crisis, the JAMA Study states:

“Such outcomes emphasize the need for better—and more consistent—care for a population at high risk of long-term disability and quality-of-life impairments … the need for more rigorous and systematic follow-up for patients … including systems of care specifically designed to offer follow-up treatment …”4

Innovation in Neuro Care Management Achieves 14 Percent Savings within 6 Months5

Utilize Health’s innovative neuro care management program helps health plans improve quality and cost of care through expert, multichannel engagement and care navigation solutions tailored to each member’s specific condition and needs. Our program addresses the top six drivers of neurological costs (TBI, stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and cerebral palsy) in addition to concomitant conditions identified by our proprietary algorithms as early indicators of rising risk and impending clinical complications.

Utilize Health’s deep neurological experience and member support, in concert with our proprietary FacilityOptimizerTM application, makes our solution wholly unique, delivering savings of 14 percent within the first 6 months of member participation. Our support extends beyond participating members to help coordinate needs across the care management team—from designated caregivers, to quality in-network providers, to the care/case managers and health plans who serve them.

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We offer flexible funding models and are willing to guarantee results with fees at risk. Our program is easily launched and provides a strong ROI. Programs can go live in January for a full year of savings or begin at any time during the year to help improve quality and cost.

To learn more about optimized support for your members with neurological conditions, contact Utilize Health today at 732.539.6086 or email

Link to Complimentary World Health Care Congress Webinar: How a Health Plan Reduced Neuro-Related Medical Expenditures by 14% within 6 Months


About Utilize Health

Headquartered in Nashville Tennessee, Utilize Health is a neurological specialty care management company. Our proprietary analytics engine identifies and targets neurological expenditures hidden within medical claims. Our programs combine evidence-based guidelines with interdisciplinary, collaborative care management for early symptom identification to prevent risk escalation. Leveraging specialized clinicians and a suite of digital tools, we ensure the best possible match of member, condition, and facility. Our specialized clinicians have a minimum of 8+ years of neurological care experience in at least two discrete care settings, and our neurological FacilityOptimizerTM is the only tool of its kind on the market. Utilize Health’s ongoing program engagement and support not only helps improve quality of care but also enhances member, caregiver, and provider satisfaction.


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