The Solution

Improving health while
lowering the overall cost of care.

Utilize Health offers a specialized, dedicated approach through NeuroCare Management that identifies and engages patients early to plan effective interventions, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce the overall cost of care.

Our NeuroCare Management Program

Utilize Health Identifies and engages the patients early and provides 24/7 care support from our interdisciplinary clinical team. Because we engage with the patient in the care process, we can plan effective interventions and we can support self-management.

Improving clinical
outcomes by:

Training patients to identify concerning symptoms and take appropriate action

Educating patients on self-care interventions

Supporting behavioral health as part of a whole-patient approach to care

Identifying and addressing social determinants of health

Reducing overall
costs by:

Reducing avoidable ER visits

Reducing inpatient admissions and readmissions

Improving medication adherence

Increasing patient engagement and activation

Improving the patient experience

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