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Utilize Health offers a unique blend of digital tools and personal outcomes to help drive down patient care costs, improve outcomes and increase overall patient satisfaction.

Personal Services

Our patient advocate service consists of a team of dedicated clinicians that have specific neurological experience. Patient advocates assist members with a complete set of needs that include their health, environmental and social needs.

Patient Advocates aren’t your typical care coordinators. They’re specialty clinicians, well versed in neurological conditions and rehabilitation, who have worked in a multitude of neurological care settings.

They address the whole person, taking into account how a member’s primary neurological diagnosis affects their life and approach to other health risks. In fact, our interaction protocols for addressing primary and secondary conditions account for each phase of the care continuum. Leading to better health, decreased costs, and increased patient satisfaction.

Patient Advocates assist patients in three key areas:

Digital Tools

Utilize Health offers a multitude of digital tools to help the member navigate the healthcare system more confidently.

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