Our Approach

Utilize Health has a unique approach that integrates clinical and business operations to create an effective strategy to help both health plans and their members achieve their goals.

Utilize Health has a team of specialty clinicians that provide neuro care management expertise in dealing with our member population. We leverage this expertise along with Community Health Workers to drive down costs for health plans by addressing member needs in a timely manner as well as getting them to appropriate levels of care faster. Utilize Health’s deep understanding of this population leads to improved outcomes for both members and their health plans.


The Utilize Health approach revolves around 3 specific areas.

  1. Data Analytics / Opportunity Identification:

    Utilize Health’s proprietary analytics model will quickly identify your members with severe neurological conditions and assign a corresponding risk level. Doing so allows us to manage members of differing risk levels with services commensurate to their needs.

  2. Programmatic Approach:

    Providing members and their caregivers with care management services that includes education, guidance, planning, and specialized condition support to foster better decision making that improves care and reduces ongoing care costs. We take a comprehensive approach to maximize the impact to the member and health plan.

  3. Network Optimization:

    Utilize Health has captured 13+ years of data on rehabilitation facilities across the United States.