Our Story

We improve the quality of patients' lives through personal relationships, thoughtful innovation and strategic partnerships with all stakeholders within the healthcare industry

Utilize Health delivers digital tools and concierge services where patients can discover treatment options and search for facilities that provide those services. By engaging patients to be active partners in their health and directing them to the best care options, patients will experience improved health and reduced cost of care.

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Utilize Health was founded in 2013. The inspiration for the company was around for much longer, however. The idea to make it easier for patients to find facilities was the result of a life changing event for one of Utilize Health's co-founder's.

In 2004, Jessica Harthcock was practicing her springboard diving routines at a gymnastics studio when she landed wrong and heard a crunch. She couldn't move. Her official diagnosis was a spinal cord injury with paralysis at the T3-4 level, meaning she could move her arms, but nothing below her sternum. The doctors told her the damage was permanent, and she would never walk again.

Through hours of hard work, traveling, and research she was able to make a full recovery and regain the use of her legs. Throughout the whole process, however, she realized that the ordeal of finding treatment wasn't very efficient and could be improved upon in many areas. It was unnecessarily difficult to research different types of treatments and facilities, learn how to use equipment, deal with the insurance company, and be a student at the same time. People with neurological conditions already have too much going on in their lives to deal with all of these things at once.

Thus, Utilize Health was born. Dedicated to making the entire treatment process easier for patients, Utilize Health aspires to improve patient outcomes, decrease costs, and change the lives of patients for the better.

At Utilize Health, no one walks alone.