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Utilize Health provides Health Plans with a unique Complex Care Coordination solution. Our platform enables payers to identify and take action towards improving member health and reducing the cost of care.

We do this through an effective blend of digital tools and concierge services, engaging patients to be active participants in their health.

Payer focused. Patient-centric.


Early intervention allows for efficient and effective care coordination throughout a patient’s episode of care. Getting patients to lower levels of care faster and finding the appropriate and high quality provider sooner reduces costs while maintaining quality.


Providing constant support allows for close monitoring of patients, reducing complications.


Ensure patients are getting the right care, at the right facility, at the right time. Patient education and engagement reduces secondary conditions.


Create a trusted relationship through service and expertise

Case Studies

Click below to view a Utilize Health case study outlining our patient-centric approach to patient care coordination. There you will read how Utilize Health guided the patient's care path towards the best possible recovery outlook, as well as optimized the cost of care for the payer.

Joe Smith: Spinal Cord Injury

Joe Smith: Spinal Cord Injury


Utilize Health conducted the following case study on a spinal cord injury patient who was injured in August 2015. It provides an overview of the acute and post-acute events that occurred following the onset of injury. This case study highlights the lack of appropriate care coordination, resulting in an estimated $171,150 of unnecessary care costs.  Finally, we explore how Utilize Health intervened and was able to quickly coordinate appropriate care.

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