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Mission: To improve the quality of patients' lives through personal relationships, thoughtful innovation and strategic partnerships with all stakeholders within the healthcare industry

Utilize Health delivers digital tools and concierge services where patients can discover treatment options and search for facilities that provide those services. By engaging patients to be active partners in their health and directing them to the best care options, patients will experience improved health and reduced cost of care.

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Utilize Health was founded in 2013. The inspiration for the company was around for much longer, however. The idea to make it easier for patients to find facilities was the result of a life changing event for one of Utilize Health's co-founder's.

In 2004 Jessica Harthcock was practicing her springboard diving routines at a gymnastics studio when she landed wrong and heard a crunch. She couldn't move. Her official diagnosis was a spinal cord injury with paralysis at the T3-4 level, meaning she could move her arms, but nothing below her sternum. The doctors told her the damage was permanent, and she would never walk again.

Through hours of hard work, traveling, and research she was able to make a full recovery and regain the use of her legs. Throughout the whole process, however, she realized that the ordeal of finding treatment wasn't very efficient and could be improved upon in many areas. It was unnecessarily difficult to research different types of treatments and facilities, learn how to use equipment, deal with the insurance company, and be a student at the same time. People with neurological conditions already have too much going on in their lives to deal with all of these things at once.

Thus, Utilize Health was born. Dedicated to making the entire treatment process easier for patients, Utilize Health aspires to improve patient outcomes, decrease costs, and change the lives of patients for the better. At Utilize Health, no one walks alone.

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Jessica Hartcock | Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Utilize Health

Jessica Harthcock

Jessica Harthcock is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Utilize Health. Utilize Health was born out of personal experience. Jessica was paralyzed at age 17 and spent years traveling in search of highly specialized rehabilitation treatments that eventually helped her learn to walk again. After experiencing difficulties finding resources and therapies, Jessica vowed to create a tool and service that could help other patients find the resources they needed without wasting time, energy and financial resources. Thus, Utilize Health was born.

Jessica has always been attracted to entrepreneurial activities. At 18 years of age, she co-founded Good Life And Healthy Mind (GLAHM) Camp, a beauty and self-esteem building boot camp for girls with neurological disabilities. Jessica remains active in her community, volunteering for Shriners and sitting on the Board of Directors of United Spinal of Tennessee. She is also a member of Leadership Health Care in Nashville. Jessica received her B.A. from Louisiana State University and her M.Ed with a focus in Organizational Leadership from Vanderbilt University.

Adam Harthcock | Founder and the Chief Operating Officer at Utilize Health

Adam Harthcock

Adam M. Harthcock is Co-Founder and the Chief Operating Officer at Utilize Health. In this position, Adam is responsible for business administration, strategic planning, product management, operations and business development partnerships.

Prior to Utilize Health, Adam worked for Onlife Health, a BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee subsidiary providing population wellness services to large employers and health plans. Adam’s responsibilities included new business prospecting and sales reporting, as well as collaborating on marketing projects and sales presentations for multi-million dollar deals.

As a healthcare provider, Adam worked at ProRehab, PC where he provided outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation. Adam has also served as VP & Treasurer of United Spinal Association of Tennessee and is a proud supporter of Shriners Hospital for Children.

Adam received his Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine from Central Michigan University and his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Louisiana State University.

Adel Elmessiry | Chief Technology Officer at Utilize Health

Adel Elmessiry

As Chief Technology Officer, Adel is responsible for the strategic business technology vision. He leads product management and development teams. Adel is a serial entrepreneur with two successful technology companies taken from inception to acquisition. He has a proven executive experience with a solid track record that includes over 10 years at HealthStream and 7 years at InVivoLink/HealthTrust. Academically, he obtained his Computer Science Ph.D. in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing from NCSU. His latest research “Triaging Patient Complaints: Monte Carlo Cross-Validation of Six Machine Learning Classifiers” is published in JMIR Medical Informatics.

Adel was born in Alexandria, Egypt and went to graduate school at NC State. Adel is an avid cyclist, diver and traveler. In addition to programming languages, Adel speaks a minimum of 6 languages. He lives in Nashville with his wife and three children.

Lon Hecht | Chief Revenue Officer at Utilize Health

Lon Hecht

Lon Hecht is a Chief Revenue Officer at Utilize Health. Lon brings 20+ years of healthcare-focused sales, sales leadership and strategy experience to Utilize Health. Prior to joining Utilize Health, Lon founded QuickSeeMD, a healthcare technology company focused on both helping patients locate immediate access to care and enabling online appointment scheduling. Additionally, Lon held previous positions such as the Vice President of Payor and Provider Markets for Teladoc, the Vice President of Strategic Sales for ZocDoc and the Vice President of Sales for MedSolutions. Lon brings an impeccable record of sales success and a thorough understanding of the healthcare technology industry to Utilize Health.

Lon is experienced in developing go-to market strategies for Health IT and service companies, while building a highly skilled team and infrastructure to support the business.

Lon earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from West Chester University and currently resides with his family along the Jersey Shore.

Becki Baker | Chief Clinical Officer at Utilize Health

Becki Baker

Becki Baker is a Chief Clinical Officer at Utilize Health. Becki is a veteran nurse who brings 30+ years professional experience to Utilize Health in innovative clinical program development and operations, as well as a rich history in building clinical education programs and high-functioning teams. Prior to joining Utilize Health, Becki helped design the CareSight model (and later managed a CareSight market), a home-based provider model for PopHealthCare, a high-risk population care company. In addition to clinical program development and operations, Becki brings expertise in learning and development, in which she has held several previous director positions with PopHealthCare, Optum Complex Care Delivery and Management, INSPIRIS, and manager of Case Management Education for Hospital Corporation of America. Becki’s goal is for Utilize Health to distinguish itself in the healthcare continuum as the gold standard for addressing the needs of neuro patients with debilitation!

Becki holds two bachelors degrees: one in nursing from the University of Tennessee, the Health Science Center in Memphis and one in education from the University of Memphis. Currently she is completing pre-requisites to pursue a Doctor of Nursing Practice.

Carrie Redmon | Patient Advocate at Utilize Health

Carrie Redmon

Carrie Redmon is a Patient Advocate at Utilize Health. Carrie’s core responsibility is overseeing the Patient Advocate Program. Carrie offers patients in this program a variety of services from helping them choose which therapy is best for them to scheduling appointments and arranging transportation.  After working as a recreation therapist at the Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital for the past seven years, she joined the Utilize Health team bringing her knowledge and understanding of what those with neurological conditions are looking for in the post-acute phase of recovery.

In addition to working directly with patients at Utilize Health, Carrie also enjoys volunteering with many local organizations that offer services to individuals with disabilities in the Middle Tennessee area.  She is currently the Executive Director of the Achilles-International Nashville Chapter where she facilitates weekly runs for athletes with disabilities who wish to participate in road races across the country.  For her contributions to this organization, Carrie was awarded the Guide of the Year Award in 2014 by the Tennessee Association of Blind Athletes.

Austin Stuck | Marketing and Sales Associate at Utilize Health

Austin Stuck

Austin Stuck is a Marketing and Sales Associate at Utilize Health. As Marketing and Sales Associate, Austin is responsible for the overall marketing efforts of the company, which include marketing strategy, brand awareness, message strategy, content creation, social media efforts and digital advertising.

Austin is the youngest member of the Utilize Health team having graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations. Having grown up with the Internet, Austin’s strong knowledge of communication in the digital world helps him in being an effective online communicator through various channels such as social media and blogs. Austin’s true passion is digital communication and is always staying on top of the latest online marketing trends.

Outside of being Utilize Health’s digital marketing guru, Austin is an avid sports and outdoors fan. He is an assistant coach for Tennessee Soccer Club and enjoys still being able to be a part of the sport he grew up playing. On top of that, he is a certified scuba diver.

Kelly Toline | Patient Advocate at Utilize Health

Kelly Toline

Kelly Toline is a Patient Advocate at Utilize Health, where she helps patients find resources that lead to better health. Kelly is a Speech-Language Pathologist with eleven years of neurological rehabilitation experience. She started her career at Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation in Chattanooga, TN, and then moved to Nashville where she worked at Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital for nine years. During her nine years at Stallworth, she served as Lead Speech-Language Pathologist for three years and co-chair of the stroke team for one year. She worked with patients diagnosed with stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis to name a few. In recent years, she continued her career as a PRN SLP working in acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, and the outpatient clinic with adult and pediatric patients at Summit Medical Center. Kelly is a busy wife and mother of two young girls. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing sports including running one half marathon per year, and traveling.