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What We Do

Utilize Health is a free personalized service enabling you to search hundreds of therapy facilities, connect with other patients and get expert advice which empowers you to make informed healthcare decisions and reach your maximum potential for recovery.

About Us

Utilize Health provides digital tools and personal services, creating a comprehensive resource to help you confidently navigate the healthcare system.

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Fill out a health questionnaire and based on your answers, Facility Finder will locate the facilities that best match your needs.


Connect with others who are going through similar situations on our online forum. Share stories, ask questions, help others, make friends!

Health Library

Want to know more about your condition? Visit Utilize Health's Health Library to find out more information about the conditions we serve as well as various pieces of therapy equipment our facilities provide.

Patient Advocate Service

Navigating the healthcare system can be daunting. The Utilize Health Patient Advocate Program consists of clinicians who are here to act as your concierge as you interact with all aspects of the healthcare system. They will assist you with gathering research, working with your insurance company, helping with transportation needs, and much more.

Who We Serve

Currently, we serve patients with conditions related to the following categories:

Utilize Health


Utilize Health

Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder

Utilize Health

Cerebral Palsy

Utilize Health

Traumatic Brain Injury

Utilize Health

Multiple Sclerosis

Utilize Health

Muscular Dystrophy

Think of an online travel website but for patients, therapies, and facilities

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